Forest School

Waterlow Park N6

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Waterlow Park
Upper Pond Nature Area
Highgate Hill
N6 5Hd

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What is Forest School?
A natural addition to the Woodentots family. Forest School has always been integral to our ethos, Paula was fortunate to be trained in Devon where there was a lot more freedom in the Woodlands, open fire cooking and creative tool work for example. These skills have trickled down through the Woodentots team. Forest School fits beautifully with The Montessori pedagogy offering a “child – led” experience within a “prepared environment” giving a much freer attitude to children learning outdoors “simply children being children.”

Our site is in Waterlow Park in the Top Pond Nature reserve. A fenced in oasis which offers rich learning experiences. Linked in with Woodentots unique creativity this will offer a magical woodland morning.

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Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 12.00pm
Age 2 – 5 years for unaccompanied children
Parent and child are also welcome to join us for younger children

Fees (per term)
Minimum 2 days

2 Mornings – £1,080
3 Mornings – £1,620
4 Mornings – £2,160

The Forest follows the Woodentots Montessori School term dates.

To book a free trial session please email

Rhythm to the Morning
9.00am – Base camp, go over the FS rules and what is on offer that morning.
9.00am – 11.30pm – freedom to explore.

The prepared environment will offer child led open ended play as well as crafts and an adult initiated activity which they may or may not wish to be apart of.

10.30am – snack time, we will come together for a group snack for a warming hot chocolate or mug of soup.
11.30am – Candle time/reflection/meditation and songs
12.00pm – Home

Weekly activities will include, stick bread, soup making, crafts, clay, bug hunting, pond dipping, music, mud pies, shelter building, tool work to name but a few. And most importantly PLAY. Our planning will link into the EYFS, at Woodentots we use an online learning journey to share with our parents, following their child’s individual observations, photos, next steps and development.

Link to EYFS

Kit List
“There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”

With this in mind come prepared for weather changes to be brought to each session in a ruck sack all named:

  • A two piece waterproof trousers and coat (insulated for the winter, think ski)
  • Insulated waterproof boots
  • Waterproof mittens
  • A snood (hat and neck warmer in one)
  • Extra fleece
  • Full set of change of clothes
  • A water bottle

Summer Wear:

  • Long sleeved cotton top
  • Long lightweight trousers
  • Sun hat – put sun screen on before they arrive
  • Trainers (no open toed shoes)

Good Suppliers:

“At the end of the day your clothes should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling”

 Woodentots is a Forest School association member

You are warmly welcomed to visit the setting, to make an appointment please email the school.