Lunch box guidelines

Containers – the type with compartments / bento box are perfect for offerings of different food groups. This saves on unnecessary wrappings. 

Drinks – we provide water and encourage the children to pour their own to promote independence.

Cutlery / plates – we provide.

We have a no nut policy – be mindful of fillings such as chocolate spread and peanut butter. Cereal bars often have hidden nuts. We promote healthy eating at Woodentots, we ask that no crisps or chocolate is brought into school. If we know we have a child with a nut allergy that includes for example pine nuts we will inform you.

Food groups



Fruit / vegetables


We cannot heat foods, if you would like to bring hot food use a food flask.

Examples of protein

Cooked chicken / cold meats

Boiled egg – could be in the shell so your child can peel it

Chopped cooked omelet




Smoked salmon

Fish cake

Scotch egg



Cheese – slices / cubes / grated

Fish – flaked salmon / smoked mackerel / tinned fish such as tuna and mackerel

Veggie or meat sausages

Veggie or meatballs

Butterbeans / pulses in a tomato sauce

Yoghurt – a small pot or spoon natural or Greek yoghurt into a pot with a lid with fresh fruit or purée

Chia seed pudding

Seeds – sunflower, pumpkin

Mixed seeds





Examples of fruits and vegetables

Raw vegetables- peppers / carrots / cucumber/ celery / fennel / cherry tomatoes / sugar snaps / radishes / lettuce / baby corn

Cooked vegetables – corn on the cob slices  / broccoli / peas / green beans / courgette / edamame beans / avocado

Vegetables kebab with a mix of raw and cooked vegetables

Use a hand shredder / peeler to make ribbons of carrot / cucumber

Fruits – chopped ready to eat, apple / pear / halved grapes / banana/ melon / melon balls / mango / watermelon / pomegranate / pineapple / raspberries / strawberries/ blueberries / orange slices / tangerines / kiwi fruit …

Fruit kebab with a mix of fresh and dried

Dried fruits – apricots / figs / dates / mango / apple rings / pineapple…

Carbohydrates – bagel / oat cakes / bread sticks / bread / pitta / crackers / roll / corn cakes / rice cakes / pizza / pumpkin seed crackers / wraps / plain popcorn / pretzels / corn chips / cold potato / savoury scone …

Sandwiches can be made more appealing by using a cookie cutter such as a star or dinosaur. Peppers / cucumber / cheese can also be cut into shapes.

Toppings for the above:

Butter / cream cheese / pumpkinseed spread / sunflower seed / marmite / cheese / fish or meat pate / egg mayonnaise / smashed avocado

Pasta – plain or with a sauce such as tomato or pesto

Tuna fish / sweetcorn and cheese


Rice balls

Seaweed sheets

Food flask ideas – wide necked food flasks keep the food warm ready for lunchtime.

Pastas / risotto / rice / soup / Dal / lentils / chick peas / butterbeans / couscous / quinoa / barely…

Add vegetables and sauce / cheese …

Left over supper