Nature Craft

Signs of spring will soon be here

This is a good time to create a nature table in your home. It doesn’t need to be very big, an upturned wooden wine box or small low table would be perfect. Select a piece of fabric a scarf is ideal, maybe you could have a different one for each season. Search out in charity shops for small vases or jugs to put budding twigs or flowers into. Whilst out in the parks on the heath or trips to the country collect nature treasures to display. A fir cone, a seed head, conkers, crab apples for example. From the beach bring a little dried seaweed, shell and a pebble. You can if you wish add labels, provide a magnifying glass for a closer look.

Now is also a good time to think about the birds, provide them with food and water whist they prepare for breeding. To teach your child to identify birds in the garden or in the parks go to where you can download free resource sheets. A perfect present for an upcoming birthday could be a pair of good quality binoculars.