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Woodentots Montessori School
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Established in 1989 and situated in Camden within a family home with a large natural garden, Woodentots’ nurturing environment brings the country to London. It has become one of North London’s best loved Early Years educational settings and has built a reputation for its own original and creative approach to learning and preparation for primary school education.

Natural materials inspire Woodentots children’s creativity. We believe in providing good quality art materials, for example using fine brushes, watercolours and woven paper. We also have a kiln enabling the children to work in 3D with clay.

Our garden comes into its full glory during the Winter term, where many crafts and activities are offered to the children. This is an extension of our classroom. The children work outside in all weather and often remain outside for the duration of the day. Our ‘Outdoor classroom’ brings all aspects of learning from mud pie creations to the counting of apples from our tree. We were very lucky to receive an apple press as a gift from one of our families. This has been put to good use producing our own organic apple juice.

After having had received an Outstanding from OFSTED here are some of their comments:

“Staff have an outstanding understanding of how to implement the learning and development requirements. Children benefit from prolonged periods of uninterrupted time to play and experiment, which ensures they remain engaged and focused on activities.

“Children consistently develop essential skills for their future learning, which helps ensure they are prepared for starting school.” “They learn to climb trees safely and understand boundaries very well”

“Staff are excellent role models. They are kind and gentle when speaking and giving instructions to children” “They offer endless opportunities to expand their skills, imagination and interests, therefore children make rapid progress in their learning”

You are warmly welcomed to visit the setting. To make an appointment please email the school.